We are ALL different, that is WHY marketing has to be personalized

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18년 9월 17일

Suppose you are interested in buying a sunscreen.

Your skin type is relatively oily. When you walk into cosmetic shop, you would not pick up a product that emphasizes ‘oily’ function. On the other hand, a person who has dry skin would want that exact product.

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Just like the ever-changing trends in beauty products, marketing trends continuously transform too. Previously, marketing messages was simple - put the exact same messages on every marketing message and target the masses. These messages usually emphasize the goodness or value of the product. However, these days, there are tons of similar products or services in the market and customer`s needs vary more than ever. The same message to everyone has lost its charm.

We are all different human beings. We have different thoughts, hobbies, and lifestyles. Each person wants to be acknowledged as an unique existent. This is why marketing strategy needs to be ‘personalized’.


Here comes the persona! Your potential client

To do personalized marketing, ‘segmentation’ should first be done. Segmentation means ‘defining customers’ by collecting, tracking and analyzing the behavior of consumers. When this is done, it becomes what we call the ‘Persona’.

Persona is a fictional character created to represent a user type that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way. Persona mostly includes behavior patterns, demographics, goals, skills, attitudes, and the environment.

When persona has been made, it is time to lure them out to buy your product by giving them right messages and content. Ultimately, make them your customers.

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Tips for successful personalized marketing

To do personalized marketing better, it is helpful to use marketing automation tools such as HubSpot. Why? Since there are plenty of channels such as web, mobile, email or more to put out a personalized content, it is crucial to manage them efficiently.

HubSpot allows integration of all sources or pages related to your digital assets. Managing them in one platform makes your work more convenient and saves time.

Also, you can use user behavior as an indication of marketing performance. Even if it does not translate into real revenue, you can observe and analyze detailed reasons on why that happened and learn from it.

The ultimate goal of marketing is to increase your brand awareness in the mind of your users and keep them coming back for more. Therefore, by observing the return rate of visitors who visited during the marketing period, you could measure the effectiveness of the campaign and understand what works on the users or not during that period.


Marketing Process


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